Life In The City

I usually write school-related posts.  They are definitely my area of expertise relative to the great outdoors but part of the Great Schools Charles Village initiative is recognizing that Charles Village is a great place to raise a family.

Charles Village is a special place not only because we have great schools but because of the diversity of people that make up our neighborhood and our proximity to all kinds of family-friendly and cultural amenities.  It’s no secret that raising a family in the city comes with challenges but it’s also no secret that tons of people are doing it and loving it too!  You can read more about “why we stay” in the similarly titled series on the DBFA blog.

It’s really this picture that I took of my family exploring Wyman Park that inspired me to write this.  It’s hard to believe that this bucolic scene was captured right in our own backyard.  What tranquil spaces do you frequent with your family?  The Sculpture Garden at the BMA is another one of our favorites.

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