International Health Fair @ Margaret Brent

Margaret Brent held their International Health Fair and Project-Based Learning Showcase on Tuesday, and it was a huge success!  Two of the community members who participated were so impressed they wrote the letter below to the GHCC VISTA at the school.  Want to read more about the event?  Check out our page on it here!

And here’s the letter:

Dear Kait:

Thank you SO much! Rich and I had a wonderful time today at Margaret Brent’s “International Health Day”! We found the students to be eager, polite, prepared, and adventurous. They were gracious escorts who led us to the yellow hall, encouraged their fellow classmates to try our Korean gim-pab (‘tastes like sushi!”), and told us about their projects in the science lab and library.

We were quite taken with what we saw of the entire fall initiative for MB’s new project-based learning initiatives. I thought it was quite brave that the students  started the fall term watching ‘Supersize Me,’ and then developed a wide range of health-related projects, from their fellow students’ home countries food-ways to thoughtful presentations on the poor health habits of popular media stars. WE were impressed with THEIR displays!

We hope that our house could become another learning opportunity in the spring, too, and we look forward to talking more about that. In the meantime, count us as two more Margaret Brent ‘true believers’ and let us know about future opportunities to come see ‘our kids.’

Susan Walther

Charles Village Resident

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