• Research based effective instruction techniques

Great Schools Charles Village is an initiative to support and strengthen neighborhood public schools with the goal of high performing schools that every neighborhood family considers a great choice for their child.  Our two public schools, The Barclay School and Margaret Brent Elementary/Middle School serve the neighborhoods of Charles Village, Abell, Harwood and Remington and are key anchors for strengthening the community and attracting and retaining neighborhood families.  Our schools are in a unique partnership with The Johns Hopkins University and Greater Homewood Community Corporation to direct resources for high caliber academics and diverse learning opportunities. Intense work is underway as part of the Homewood Community Partners Initiative (HCPI) to develop special University-Assisted Community Schools.

Using the Community School model, our schools collaborate with a great number of higher education and community entities to supplement what a regular public school can offer. This includes a lively menu of after school offerings (music, robotics, theatre, sports, to name a few), unique academic programs and support for students who need it with tutoring and mentoring.

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